Monday, May 7, 2007

Job Search

No matter how much I enjoyed working at GW-CIBER, Federal Work Study had other plans for me. Apparently, the position was not subsidized until the official end of the semester, but rather until May 5, which I found out only on May 1. Therefore, I have much less time than I have anticipated to find a summer job.

I had been looking for something to do over the summer since mid-March. However, I ran into a number of problems:

  • No response after application submission.
  • Absence of notification about interview decision.
  • Very low wages for my nearly 2 years of experience and living expenses.
  • Boring job descriptions that have no hint of development of professional skills.

In addition, I am getting tired of writing jubilant cover letters saying that I had been dreaming all my life to have a summer job that would make me sit in front of monitor reading articles where the even the author himself/herself does not understand the topic. Yes, I can be resolved and eager to research a topic, but only when I know where exactly my research is going. I prefer seeing the big picture and then breaking it up in smaller pieces rather than getting my small piece and feeling left out. In fact, looking at my past jobs I can say for sure that my productivity was dropping as soon as I felt that management was not communicating downward and did not respond enough to upward communications. Thus, responsive and interactive management is a part of my dream job even though one cannot see management until actually being in the field.

IMHO, management aside, my search criteria are not that much up there. Since it is just a summer job, I am putting my needs way ahead of my wants (even though I am hoping of buying MinoltaSony Alpha DSLR-A100 with a bunch of accessories). This results in the following:

Location: Washington, DC, or New York City (Brooklyn and Manhattan preferred) Industry: virtually any (I have experience in legal, education, social care, education, research, e-business, general customer service, and IT management); no telemarketing though Type of job: administrative and executive support is preferred, but most of office jobs are fine with me (I will even undertake maintenance if it pays well) Pay: $10+/hour (my apartment is nearly $1K/month and student loans barely cover it) Hours: full time or part time if wage is high (I wish)

My biggest disadvantage is that I am highly dependent on public transportation because I neither have a car nor driver's license (thank you Brooklyn hot-heads who are the reason of one of the highest insurance rates in the country). So if anybody has anything that comes somewhere close to my description, let me know. I am not posting a link to my résumé because of privacy concerns, but I will be more than happy to send it upon request.

P.S. Please let me know if text color is different in paragraphs. Mixing proprietary CSS and good old HTML is not working out. Is there a purely HTML WYSIWYG editor for Blogger that converts all code at the very end, and not on the fly?
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