Thursday, May 24, 2007

Internet Access Allowed

I got myself mobile Internet on my phone. Tethering to my laptop is working fine. It will be even better when I figure out how to break the 115.2kbps limit of virtual COM port in order to take the full advantage of EDGE Class 10 connection (which is about twice as much as that). If anybody knows any tweaks or fixes to that, I would appreciate the help.1

Also, none of the applications on my phone that require internet connection work. This includes Opera Mini and GMail client. All of them give me the same error message of inability to connect to the Internet. Something tells me that the problem is somewhere with Cingular's branding and locking out some of the controls. Until this is fixed, I will not be able to do mobile blogging. Again, all help is very welcome.2

The connection costs me $20/month and includes unlimited Internet usage and 200 messages (first month is totally unlimited). Therefore, I will not only reply to, but also send text and multimedia messages whenever the situation calls for it.

There is one more downside to connection via phone: incoming calls do not go through to me when I am online. Meanwhile I can place calls without any restrictions. Thus, if anyone needs to reach me for some urgent matter, SMS would be the choice medium, otherwise plain old voicemail still works.

1 - I found the fix myself. Looks like there are some reception issues preventing me from using the full speed.

2 - I fixed it myself, as well. I now have a reminder to note all the changes in the settings I make.

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