Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Financial Troubles

I should have expected this to happen earlier, but I was hoping for later. I got an email today from Google telling me that my AdSense account has been disabled. This means that I will not be able to get any ad revenue generated. Thank you to everyone who generously clicked four-five times per ad impression every time you logged on here because that is the reason for the red flag. I am hoping that I will be able to resolve the issue with their abuse team (or whatever it is called) because something tells me that Google's data mining powers are endless and they will disable any other account I create no matter what activity takes place there.

From one point, I am upset that they go after every penny generated by publishers due to "fraudulent activities and abuse" (my revenues for about 20 days were just over $30). However, I understand their concerns as an advertising medium that looks after the integrity of their service, even though Google's data mining practices are questionable at times. For example, something tells me that they found "fraudulent activities" with my account through tracking who comes to the site (computers or IP addresses), what they look at (usually the main page), and how often those people click on ads because I noticed through AdSense reports and the crippled Google Analytics that the ratio of clicks to visitors was somewhat high at times. I refer to Google Analytics as crippled because it is very "unGoogly" in terms of usability (highly confusing) and it is also aimed towards marketing control with very little help in terms of monitoring visitors' information (such as IPs, countries, and hosts).

In any case, I am hoping for a successful resolution of this issue because even if I get money transfers twice a year (when account balance reaches $100), it is still something extra. To all those click-happy visitors: please click on ads only when it really interests you and do not abuse it, unless you want me to get in trouble.

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