Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly Accomplishments (Mar 22-Apr 4)

Yet another two-week summary. This time it’s not because there was nothing going on, but because there was too much.

  • The main event was my employer’s relocation to a different office. Although we moved just 2 blocks away, we still had to pack & unpack everything. As for me, I had the fun task of being all by myself for 3 days working 10 hours each first organizing movers, then working with the new phone vendors, and then setting up our LAN. As a result, I was too exhausted to write anything and even had to skip a friend’s birthday party past weekend to catch up on sleep and reading. The party was weekend-long in a beach house. Yeah…
  • In the personal affairs, I did quite a few things to update and improve my online presence & identity. I updated some items in my LinkedIn profile, combined feeds from all of my blogs into a single FeedBurner feed, and bought with hosting from DreamHost. FYI, this topic will dominate my April as I have some ideas in the working.
  • Also, over the last weekend I began studying web coding in order to make a couple of personal projects and to be able to create at least half-assed prototypes of my web-apps. I’m doing this a couple of years later than I should have done, so it’s almost a crash course for me – it’s not only learning syntax but also getting my head back to process logic thinking. Luckily, I found 2 amazing tools that sooth the code writing pain: development environment Eclipse (it’s greatest web-coding component Aptana Studio) and a cool HTML authoring tool KompoZer. All are free, so try them to fall in love.
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