Thursday, April 22, 2010

Made Up “Holidays”

Had we lived in the Soviet Union, today would've been a great holiday (140 years since Lenin's birth). Instead, we have an equally important celebration Earth Day. We are taking so many things for granted that we have to make up "holidays" in order to appreciate simple joys. Why can't every day be an Earth Day? A mother's day? A father's day? A sibling day? A lovers' day? Your favorite old jeans day? A whatever-you-think-is-underappreciated day?

We don’t need this commercialization. We need a conscience. Wake it up by smiling in the morning to a random stranger who seems down on a sunny day, by cleaning after yourself so that the person after you could appreciate the same, by calling your loved ones and telling them how you feel, by telling the whole world what you are thankful for! There are plenty of choices – the move is yours – do what your heart not calendar tells you is right!

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