Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly Accomplishments (Feb 22-28)

  • The biggest accomplishment of last week was solving my first American crossword puzzle. I’ve attempted to solve some back in the day, but gave eventually gave up even trying because most clues are based not on the “trivial” knowledge, but on the author’s convoluted associations between words. A co-worker of mine who was servicing a conference for a client had nothing better to do but to entertain herself with a puzzle in Express newspaper (a DC local). So when I substituting her for a lunch break she left me to ponder some of the quizzes. Where my mental ability betrayed me, faithful Google was there to help bringing a successful solution.
  • Wednesday had another first time. This one was the first GWU alumni event I attended in that capacity. I’ve tried to make some before but it never seemed to work out with time. Overall, it was uneventful since it was a general happy hour for young alumni (graduates in the last 10 years). Nonetheless, it was obviously pleasant to see some old acquaintances and catch up with them.
  • The weekend was my “catch up with the expiring Hulu queue” time. I watched The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982 musical comedy), Blues Brothers 2000 (the 1998 sequel), and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (the 1998 cult classic).
    Out of the three, I liked BB2K the most for the amazing music & abundance of witty gags. TBLWIT was funny at times, but the plot lacked dynamics. F&LILV left me wondering who covered the damages to the hotel rooms and how they didn’t get busted since it’s based on real events.
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