Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Schedulr – My New Best Friend for Photo Sharing

In the four months I had been using flickr as my primary online photo sharing solution, I was yet to find the one and only software that would make uploading a one-step operation.

Since my photo collection resides in Windows Live Photo Gallery (a great simple tool for basic organization, by the way), the built-in flickr upload functionality was great had it not been for the lack of support for multiple sets, and editing of title/description/tags info. I had to upload pictures as private and then go to flickr to edit all the info, which took a lot of time because batch organization does not support adding same tags to multiple pictures.

Flickr’s own Uploadr seemed to resolve most of these issues. It supports drag and drop, batch editing of any info you wish, and upload to multiple sets. The only problem is that I still had to go to the website to add my freshly posted photographs to groups. Bummer.

Well, things changed yesterday thanks to my beloved Lifehacker. It made my life easier yet again. Adam Pash told about the new version of Schedulr, a third-party application that not only does batch uploading and processing, but also allows to schedule posting at a convenient time.

It has all the features I want and I really mean it. The ability to pick any groups before uploading is simply amazing. The application does not need to be installed, so I just put it into my Dropbox folder to make it accessible anywhere I want. The only downside is that scheduling is not a native feature and requires some basic tinkering with Windows Task Scheduler (instructions are provided on the download page). Now, that I am all set a new photograph is uploaded three times a day on the hour starting at midnight. So add me to your contacts on flickr or follow me on Twitter not to miss any.

Screenshots below.

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