Thursday, October 18, 2007

Conservative Adventures of a Curious Mind - The Beginning

The biggest issue with my ADHD is that no matter how busy and tied up in things I am, I will always find something more interesting and more exciting than the current task leaving it behind. Now, in the midst of midterms, I am slowly getting myself into a debate over satirical "anti-Muslim" posters, which have been distributed on GWU campus on October 8.

I will not get into the details of the issue since anyone can just search for "anti-Muslim posters GWU" (without the quotes) on one's favorite search engine. I would rather explain why I am getting involved. The reason is simple: I do not want anyone to come for me, but if they do, I want someone to be left to speak out. I am not pro-Muslim for it has been misinterpreted as many times as Christianity has been; I am not anti-Israeli for I am a moderate Zionist; I am not anti-American for I truly support America in struggle against Russia and Iran; but I am a sane rational person who hates zealotry and bigotry. Hence, I will take on anyone who is willing to challenge my views on the limits of satire, hate speech, or even my biases.

This being said, I am going back to my boring schoolwork, which is now somewhat spiced up.

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