Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spring Is Over, or Is It?

There is a saying in Russian that all psychos get relapses in spring. Well, I am not really a psycho, but final exams make me one. Lately, I have been catching myself explaining simple operations and procedures in too much detail. Process maps, flow-charts, and other forms of breaking down procedures are useful in management. However, working on them over and over again and refining everything in order to make the page requirement makes me look at day-to-day life through a manager's perspective. At least it is not as crazy as some programmers thinking about check-sum failures when watching Spider Man 3.

No matter how much I enjoy optimizing processes and watching well-built and properly working systems and operations, if I were to continue making them for another couple of weeks, I would loose all abilities to communicate in a "human" manner. From another point of view, being so detailed offsets the speed of my speech and thinking allowing some people to follow my thoughts. Nonetheless, I would not mind a vacation, but I cannot afford one until at least Thanksgiving, if not New Years.

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