Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Accessory Replacement

A little more than a month ago my cellphone's headset broke. It would have been no problem if SonyEricsson was not known for proprietary connectors and if it were just the headphones. Unfortunately, the problem was in the adapter (when headphones' jack was inserted fully the right channel did not work). It was not a major problem because I could keep the jack inserted half-way, but it fell out from time to time. Thus, I had no choice, but calling customer service (thankfully, the phone is still under warranty).

Customer service was very polite and friendly. They did not even ask me for the serial numbers or any proof of purchase. Neither they needed me to ship the broken adapter to them. My conversation took place on April 12. I called them when I was in New York two weeks ago because I was getting worried that they might have mis-shipped it or something, but the reply was that the item was on backorder and no information was available because the call center was in Canada and the shipping center was in Texas. The replacement finally arrived only yesterday. Only a Swedish-Japanese company operating in the United States would have an item on backorder for a month and then ship it on Friday via 2nd day air mail (arrives the following Tuesday), while the cost of the item is less than the cost of shipping.

Anyhow, I am pretty happy with the service, given that the replacement was hassle-free and did not cost me any money. Now, let's hope that the new adapter will not die any time soon.

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